So you have decided its time to sell and you want to present your property to any potential buyer in the best possible way. Here at Smiths Group Estate Agents we would like to help you with providing some expert practical advice.




Did you know that the biggest reason people give for moving house is the lack of space in their current home. Most will feel they have outgrown the space and furthermore now require a bigger home  to accommodate there future growth plans. Those with a growing family will know exactly what we mean. So imagine then that your house, that your looking to sell has all the room, but does your home show it has the room? If a potential buyer were to view your home in its present state, would they get a sense of space or would they just see clutter taking up the space. With this in mind and the fact that you want to sell your home, I'm sure you will agree that projecting the space your home has to offer, is a huge advantage a potential buyer will be looking for. Furthermore, its going to be emotional especially when you have called somewhere home for a while.  Decluttering in advance will help you to see through the things you have that don't matter and the things that do, and will be moving with you to your next home. When you start to sort through your items and start the process of selecting the items to go and those to pack in readiness for moving, then your home becomes more like a property again and you start to look forward to finding and ultimately  creating your new home and new memories. This is what a potential buyer will want to be able to see, when they see your home as a property with space and no clutter.  


Use selling sites like market place on face-book, or even a yard sale. Sell, give away or take what you cant sell to a charity shop or along to the recycling centre. You need to keep asking yourself the question, Will I use this in my new home? 


Decluttering for selling will also mean that you are able to start the packing process. If you get prepared in advance, then you will be in a really good position to finish packing when the time comes, and it will be less over whelming. 


What you want to achieve is that when the potential buyer views the property they should see space, light and a house that  flows. When you declutter you are showing the potential buyer the wood for the trees. Your selling the space, the vision, the future home for them to make their home. By decluttering your allowing the potential buyer to imagine themselves living in the property. Listen for the buying signals when a potential buyer tells you they can really see themselves living in the property. If you hear this, then you know that the decluttering you have done has been a success. 




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