The decision to place an elderly parent into a care home or assisted living situation is never easy.  Anxieties are bound to arise for both your parent and you, along with a level of stress you might not have expected. Usually when you ini... read more »
After the recent changes to the stamp duty holiday, what’s the outlook for buyer demand? We reveal four reasons why this isn’t the end of the property market high. Our data has confirmed that buyer demand started to moderate in the month... read more »
Have you seen the latest #zoopla advert? We are a trusted zoopla agent and we can sell your home from £99.
When you see an Estate agents board outside a house, ever wondered how much Estate Agents charge?;  
So you have decided its time to sell and you want to present your property to any potential buyer in the best possible way. Here at Smiths Group Estate Agents we would like to help you with providing some expert practical advice.   DECLUTTER, ... read more »
We are members of the Property Redress Scheme.  
We thought you may want to understand some of the terms used in a property transaction. Please see the easy guide below: Chain: This is the sequence of buyers and sellers – most people who sell their property are also buying at the same... read more »
    Estate agent fees and those contract terms. Can you honestly say that once your sale was concluded that the money you paid your Estate agent was value for money? Do you really know what Estate Agents do? For a long time we have s... read more »

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